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- Start-up -
A lot of good business ideas and concepts failed due to insufficient information, lacks in know-how, wrong orientations or incorrect assessments of the markets and its customers. Furthermore, the lack of money supply is increasingly a high barrier for most founders on their way into economic independence.
Public and private institutions offer a variety of limited elements which founders could use. Anyway, in most cases these elements only cover a few aspects of the entire process; there is not a contact who accompanies you until the achievement of the successful start-up.

We take the position upon us to be your contact, planning your purpose and realising it successfully in close cooperation with you. We sum up most performances which are necessary before and after setting-up of your company. We check your purpose objectively regarding feasibility, illustrate the chances and risks, and support you in the realisation actively and energetically.

Exemplary performances of our business are:

Exemplary solutions for Start-up

With our all-embracing view on the set-up process we are capable to support your purposes in line with your objectives, and to coordinate all necessary steps to your success.